Why us?

Plus Circuit is a leading PCB manufacturer specialize in quick-term multilayer PCB fabrication and full turnkey assembly service in China. Over 10 year experience and reliability,plus continuous investment in people,technology and equipment,Plus Circuit now able to offer economical quality PCB in quicker lead time. Plus Circuit is now trusted by customer worldwide and is proud to be one of the fastest growing company in PCB industry. Plus Circuits thrive for quality and aim to be a world class printed board manufacturer.


Over 3000 customer worldwide


5000+ types delivered monthly


98%+ on time delivery

Quick-Term PCB
  • 2-6 layer prototype in 24 hour
  • Sample normal lead time 3-6 day
  • 2-4 layer mass volume 3-5 day
  • Express delivery up to 20layer
PCB Prototype
  • Up to 30 layer Low cost PCB
  • Lamination machine in house
  • More layer the more competitive
  • Aspect ratio up to 15:1
Special PCB
  • Rogers 5880 4000 Arlon 85N
  • Bergquist CEM3 Ceramic PCB.
  • HDI Blind Via Impedance ENEPIG
  • Ventec Panasonic ITEQ material
Production PCB
  • Full automatic machine in house
  • Faster delivery & lower freight
  • Reliable PTH solderability
  • Cheaper with lower labor cost
Featured Products
Al2O3 Ceramic PCB
2017 04 22
2017 04 22
Hybrid Roger + FR-4
2017 04 22
20L Backplane
2017 04 22
10L Rigid Flex
2017 04 22
  • Why work with us
  • PCB Assembly Service
  • PCB Fabrication Service
  • PCB Showcase
  • Prototype Fab with 24 hours Express
  • Team supported with over 50 professionals
  • 99% on-Time Shipping with great support from DHL
  • Great quality approved by customers worldwide
  • Trusted Experience
  • 24 Hour Non-stop Tech Support and Production
  • Low Minimums
  • Auto Machine with most competitive advantages
  • Chief PCB Manufacturer Located in China

Over 3000 customer worldwide


5000+ types delivered monthly


98%+ on time delivery

PCB Assembly

Full turnkey PCB assembly service are available to customer who look for one stop service to save time and cost. Authentic high-quality component and high precision solder machine will apply to bare board to guarantee the best outcome.

-High quality assembly services with shortest lead time

-Precise component procurement

-Free engineering review

-100% AOI test and X-Ray test on BGAs package

-Functional test

PCB manufacturing services-Plus Circuit

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturer in China, Plus Circuit has been offering customer worldwide with quick-term PCB prototype to mass production at a cost-effective price for 10 years. Plus Circuit committed to adhering to the strictest standards during our PCB manufacturing process and fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

We specialize in manufacturing urgent lead time PCB and difficult multilayer board in different material,such as FR-4,Rogers and Arlon. Plus Circuit support 2-6 layer prototypein in 24 hour fastest and 3-5 days for mass production urgent lead time. For multilayer up to 10 layer,we can offer a competitive price and shorter lead time as we have our own lamination machine in house.

 20L Backplane

20L Backplane

Layers: 20

Finished thickness: 3.0mm

Surface finish: ENIG- RoHS

Min. tracing/spacing: 3 mil / 3.5 mil

Min. annular ring: 4mil

Min. diameter via: 0.3mm

Size: 5.3 inch* 6.0 inch

Technique characteristics:Tight clearance in inner layer from hole

Application: Industry Control Application

For more information,please visit us on Desktop or email us at sales@pluscircuits.com.



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